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December 16th, 2018 
Rick Dimock Judy Cochrane
Sales Representative/Staging Specialist

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ORANGE - If you like orange you are an energetic person who is willing to take a chance.  You are outgoing and friendly, sometimes even aggressive, to get your way. Orange could be used to liven up a rec room, family room or kitchen.

YELLOW - Yellow persons are mellow and like to have peace in their surroundings. You go out of your way to make others feel comfortable.  Yellow will add warmth to a large kitchen, laundry room or dark room in the basement.

GREEN - A green person is a good listener and is keenly interested in other people. You are also very curious.  Green is a popular colour in living room, family room or rec rooms.

BLUE - Blue people are very calming and like a very serene atmosphere in their home.  They are very optimistic and try to see the sunny side of life. Blue is a favourite colour in bedrooms, to create a calming effect .

RED - Red is the most dominant colour and if it is your favourite, you are very outgoing and do not like to take no for an answer.  YOu are very decisve and are not afraid to say no. Put red in your dining room and be prepared for lively discussions. Or accent a powder room.

PINK - YOu have a strong concern for other people and make a good friend. You also have a strong need to feel appreciated. Use pink as an accent colour or in a child's bedroom.

BLACK - If you like black, you are very loyal and disciplined.  Sometimes you can be a little too emotional and base decisions on feelings instead of logic.  Black is a very dramatic colour and can be added to any room for a special effect. Black and white pictures can be very eye catching.

WHITE - If you like white, you like to experience a lot of different activities and are very adventurous. Bold white rooms can be very dramatic as well, but you need to temper it with different textures.

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